Counterpoise is a plywood chair whose final shape brings up the idea of interplay: it is comprised of two parts that balance each other. Taken separately each part would be unsteady, but taken together they function as a steady-state system.
The design process started on the base of fluid form language and developed an intuitive final shape that dialogues with the human body. The lines of the wooden parts came very quickly as they were merely dictated by the human proportions and ergonomics principles. What came as a challenge was designing the metal fittings, which needed to sustain the design concept, while the easiest way was to do the opposite.
The design underlines two main dichotomous approaches. The first one is a feminine and delicate direction focusing on the tactile, on the human body shape, with the aim of offering a sumptuous sitting experience. The other one is a masculine, technical approach which synthesizes statics principles that lay as foundation of this design.
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